Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Unlock Your Wealth Radio with Heather Wagenhals Get Your Money Mind Right copyrightHeather Wagenhals’ Unlock Your Wealth Radio is a one-hour personal finance program designed to give listeners the tools to build wealth sensibly over time and view their money differently. Join Heather and Emmy award-winning composer, singer, songwriter Michael Terry  each week where they talk about crisis management and financial wellness tools designed to help you manage your finances and attitudes for achieving financial wellness today and financial independence for the future.

Heather Wagenhals’ Unlock Your Wealth Radio is based on her seminar series, the Unlock Your Wealth® Financial Wellness Workshops. The series is based on the Keys To Riches©, a baker’s dozen of financial concepts that not only teach you how to think like the rich and be in control of your own money, but also gives you specific techniques to create or fix your credit, reduce debt, save and invest, building wealth through real estate all while transforming current financial habits into healthy money management skills.

Each week Heather Wagenhals will take listeners through a different key for the week’s theme. Heather Wagenhals’ Unlock Your Wealth Radio will feature authors, experts, celebrity guests, live financial coaching clients and segments that will reinforce the fundamental concept of the key featured that week, plus give the listeners specific tools to implement the Keys To Riches©, right from home. A trivia question at the beginning of the show about money will be asked and listeners that call in to win will receive special gifts and prizes from our guests and sponsors. Try your luck and Get Your MoneyMind© Right today!